Birthdays etc.


  • Sian's 38th birthday

  • Hannah-May & Matt R's 7th (woollen/copper) wedding anniversary

    (send greetings via Matt R)

  • Kit's 41st birthday

  • JTA's 36th birthday

  • Bryn's birthday

  • Emlyn's birthday

  • Faye's birthday


  • iCalendar feed: works with most calendar apps. Download for a year's worth of birthdays, subscribe for live updates.
  • RSS/Atom feed: reminders on birthdays and other events and a day and a week ahead of birthdays. Subscribe with your feed reader or use an RSS-to-email solution like Blogtrottr to feed your Inbox.
  • Reminders are also automatically propogated to the #birthdays channel on Abnib Discord.
  • h-event clients can subscribe directly to this page.


Help keep this page and its feeds accurate. Submit pull requests to this file on Github to add/edit data.

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