Abnib what's going on in the lives of ex-aberites?

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Bryn and Sian Level Up 25 Jan 2015

Ari with chubby cheeks

Bryn and Sian both levelled up their fitness scores: Bryn by going climbing with Penny, and Sian by joining a 12-week fitness course.

Sian also shared the fourth photo in her series of weekly picture of Ari.

Sian gets out and about, again, and posts the third photo 21 Jan 2015

Ari is fascinated with a pine cone

Sian got out and about with little Ari, and provided the third photo in her project to take 52 consecutive weekly photos of the little tyke.

Rory reviews the Fuji XF 14mm lens, and Sian is unreasonably irritated by being a parent 14 Jan 2015

York Minister Cathedral (copyright Rory Prior)

Rory provided a review of his latest camera lens, the Fuji XF 14mm F2.8 R, along with a selection of photographs he took using it. Meanwhile, Sian enumerated a selection of things that irritate her, since becoming a parent.

Sian gets out and about and takes the second of fifty-two photographs 12 Jan 2015

MiniRegz reaches for the shiny camera instead of helping her mother bake.

Sian got out to the Newport Wetlands and shared the second weekly photo of her daughter. Babap!

Sian fails to make oatmeal and takes the first of fifty-two photographs 05 Jan 2015

Sian's daughter at Amelia Trust Farm

Sian was inspired by the food bloggers behind The Green Kitchen, but her vision didn’t collide with reality in quite the way that she’d hoped. Later, she took the first of fifty-two weekly photos of her daughter.

Bryn knits a hat, and Sian plans for the new year 04 Jan 2015

MiniRegz at the park

Bryn learned new knitting techniques to enable him to get started on making himself a hat. Sian looked forward into 2015 with plans to do more exercise, outside-things, crocheting, and reading.

Kit gets a new job, and Rory catalogues the year in pictures 22 Dec 2014

A photo from Rory, taken on a cold frosty day.

Kit had a busy month as a result of getting a new job as an engineer with Magdalene.

Then, Rory looked back on the year by showcasing photos from each month.

Dan explains his use of a gender-neutral honorific, and Bryn knits himself some handwarmers 15 Dec 2014

Bryn's handwarmers

Dan wrote an explanation about why he sometimes uses “Mx” as his honorific title.

Then, Bryn came up with a wooly solution to his blue-hand problem.

Rory explores an abandoned kiln and Dan covers his roof with solar panels 08 Dec 2014

Solar panels on Dan's roof

Rory did some urban exploration, finding his way into an abandoned pottery to take some beautiful pictures.

Meanwhile, Dan covered the roof of his house with solar panels.

Bryn makes a Han Solo costume and extends his scarf 11 Nov 2014

Bryn Solo's blaster

Bryn made a Han Solo costume for Ruth’s 30th birthday party and reported that the scarf he’d been knitting was now over 9.5 feet long.