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Dan shares the secrets of magic and why he's in favour of kids learning to code 28 Sep 2014

Dan Q with an enormous King of Hearts

Dan’s been taking every opportunity to perform magic, and he wanted to share that the secret is not “secrets”.

He also commented on the recent news that the National Curriculum will include computer programming from Key Stage 1, and shared why he thinks that’s a good idea.

Liz looks back on the Scottish referendum and her life recently 19 Sep 2014

Liz looked back on the results of the Scottish referendum, and shared news about her and Simon’s house move and other personal news.

Bryn makes stuff, and Rory improves photos 10 Sep 2014

Bryns USB cradle

Bryn appeared on the AirWaves Podcast, screwed USB cables to his bedside table, and levelled up his sewing and silversmithing skills.

Rory showed how careful editing of RAW photos can be used to turn a lacklustre photograph into a special one.

Abnib apologises for its tardiness in telling you about these things.

Bryn continues writing about The Object, and Dan creates a geocache that requires two players 13 Aug 2014

Dans digital boxes

Bryn continued writing about The Object, introducing some characters and giving them some dialogue.

Dan constructed a pair of computerised boxes and hid them on different sides of Oxford, as part of an effort to build a truly original geocaching experience.

Bryn starts writing about The Object 24 Jul 2014

Bryn shared the opening scenes of a science fiction screenplay he’s been writing.

Kit gets a new callsign and a new shed 17 Jul 2014

Kit shared his new radio callsign, MM0KTL, alongside a mention of installing a new shed into his and Fiona’s back garden.

Bryn takes his music on the way to a happier today 10 Jul 2014

Bryn made himself a geeky playlist, then used it as a vehicle to talk about why he left his last job.

Ruth looks back on her first six months of parenthood 09 Jul 2014

This world is not what I hoped

Ruth looked back over her first six months of being a parent, and all the changes that it has brought. Then, for good measure, she shared a weaning photo.

Bryn knits, watches tennis, walks, and listens to podcasts, while Dan makes a cheese and pickle sandwich 08 Jul 2014

Bryns scarf reaching six feet long

Bryn spent his days knitting a scarf, when he wasn’t busy walking around London listening to podcasts, or watching Wimbledon.

Meanwhile, Dan was amused by the effort his species puts into food, as he considered how to make a cheese & pickle sandwich.

Rory waits for the Tour de France 07 Jul 2014

Hebden Bridge awaits the Tour de France

In anticipation of the Tour de France passing through, Hebden Bridge puts yellow bicycles up everywhere. Of course, Rory is ready to photograph them all.