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Dan explores London and uses cookies as an attack vector, while Rory reviews the essential accessories of the FujiFilm X100 21 Jun 2016

Abandoned lift shaft under Euston Station

Dan explored hidden passageways under Euston Station and visited Twitter HQ. He also made a real-world example of how cookies can be an XSS attack vector.

Meanwhile, Rory reviewed the essential accessories for the Fuji X100.

Rory shoots Hardcastle Crags and Bryn de-clutters 22 May 2016

Hardcastle Crags, as photographed by Rory

Rory took photos up on Hardcastle Crags. Meanwhile, Bryn used moving house as an excuse to let go of things that he no longer needed.

Dan looks back on 7 years of DevCamp 11 Apr 2016

DevCamp 2011

Dan looked back over the last 7 years of Three Rings DevCamp events, blogging about the experience for the first time.

Rory visits a steam-powered mill, and Dan concludes his VR storytelling journey 28 Mar 2016

Annabel plays with a Google Cardboard

Rory visited Queen Street Mill, a textile mill still operating under steam power in Lancashire.

Dan concluded his series of blog posts on the subject of storytelling using virtual reality with a summary of the challenges and opportunities that he feels face VR storytellers.

Bryn reaffirms himself, and Rory shows off a little photograph 10 Mar 2016

Bryn being himself

Bryn looked back over how the last two years helped (or hindered) in making him who he is today.

Rory shared a photograph of a fly dodging raindrops on a spider’s web!

Rory watches the flood waters recede, and Dan continues his virtual reality adventures 05 Feb 2016

Dan wearing an Oculus Rift headset

Rory bemoaned the gloomy wet winter and took photos reflecting the recent flood damage and the winter in general.

Dan continues his exploration of virtual reality and storytelling possibilities by borrowing an Oculus Rift and thinking about movies.

Dan gets off to a good start in 2016, and starts playing with virtual reality 31 Jan 2016

Annabel with a drawn-on beard

The only Abnibber blogging so far this year, Dan talked about the highlights of the year so far and about how he’d been playing with virtual reality, and how it could be used as a storytelling medium.

December happens 06 Jan 2016

Sian shows off a dress that she made

Dan got lazy with updating Abnib (sorry!), but still found time to blog about how to turn a Raspberry Pi into a VPN-enabled WiFi hotspot.

Sian looked back on her year and how she failed to get outside more and to make more things.

Rory shared photos of a spooky house, Shinjuku, and Oxford Circus on Christmas Eve. He also reviewed a Fuji XF 55-200 camera lens.

On his professional blog, JTA talked about why he is in favour of librarians having to demonstrate ongoing professional development.

Dan plays Post-It Minesweeper and looks inside his own bladder 21 Sep 2015

Post-It Minesweeper

Dan challenged his coworkers to play Post-It Minesweeper. Later, a doctor continued the investigation into his illness earlier this year by inserting a long tube into his bladder and taking a look around.

Dan and Ruth spend their anniversary in a gypsy caravan, and Sian bemoans the 'terrible twos' 04 Sep 2015

Wriggles Brook 'Gypsy B&B'

Dan reported on his and Ruth’s anniversary break in a gypsy caravan in Herefordshire.

Sian fought against her toddler’s “terrible twos” with the help of some installation art made of sellotape.