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Dan explains his use of a gender-neutral honorific, and Bryn knits himself some handwarmers 15 Dec 2014

Bryn's handwarmers

Dan wrote an explanation about why he sometimes uses “Mx” as his honorific title.

Then, Bryn came up with a wooly solution to his blue-hand problem.

Rory explores an abandoned kiln and Dan covers his roof with solar panels 08 Dec 2014

Solar panels on Dan's roof

Rory did some urban exploration, finding his way into an abandoned pottery to take some beautiful pictures.

Meanwhile, Dan covered the roof of his house with solar panels.

Bryn makes a Han Solo costume and extends his scarf 11 Nov 2014

Bryn Solo's blaster

Bryn made a Han Solo costume for Ruth’s 30th birthday party and reported that the scarf he’d been knitting was now over 9.5 feet long.

Ruth can't tell you how polyamory works 22 Oct 2014

Ruth couldn’t sleep, and so spent her time explaining why she couldn’t explain how polyamory works.

Rory shares potpourri, and Dan promotes socialism 13 Oct 2014


Rory shared a varied selection of photos that he’d taken over the last few weeks. Meanwhile, Dan explained how he and the other Earthlings use means-assessment to share their household finances.

It's a week of regrets: Adam G after a bereavement, and Dan after a pizza-related mistake 04 Oct 2014

Pizza Cake, freshly removed from the oven

Adam G wrote a poem about feelings of regret at not spending enough time with a departed relative before they died.

Meanwhile, Dan hopped on the Internet-pizza-community bandwagon and tried making pizza cake, which turned out to be a little disappointing.

Dan shares the secrets of magic and why he's in favour of kids learning to code 28 Sep 2014

Dan Q with an enormous King of Hearts

Dan’s been taking every opportunity to perform magic, and he wanted to share that the secret is not “secrets”.

He also commented on the recent news that the National Curriculum will include computer programming from Key Stage 1, and shared why he thinks that’s a good idea.

Liz looks back on the Scottish referendum and her life recently 19 Sep 2014

Liz looked back on the results of the Scottish referendum, and shared news about her and Simon’s house move and other personal news.

Bryn makes stuff, and Rory improves photos 10 Sep 2014

Bryn's USB cradle

Bryn appeared on the AirWaves Podcast, screwed USB cables to his bedside table, and levelled up his sewing and silversmithing skills.

Rory showed how careful editing of RAW photos can be used to turn a lacklustre photograph into a special one.

Abnib apologises for its tardiness in telling you about these things.

Bryn continues writing about The Object, and Dan creates a geocache that requires two players 13 Aug 2014

Dan's digital boxes

Bryn continued writing about The Object, introducing some characters and giving them some dialogue.

Dan constructed a pair of computerised boxes and hid them on different sides of Oxford, as part of an effort to build a truly original geocaching experience.